FileSnipp Documentation

FileSnipp is free lightweight utility that enables you to quickly generate files from templates. Organizing templates is as easy as copying a file into a folder and team members can share templates using any subversion client they like. FileSnipp encompasses advanced text processing with macros, conditions and template loops. You can process text with over 20 procedures and boolean expressions at your disposal. Procedures can be combined to virtually any complexity using macros. You can also generate multiple files at once, using bundle templates.

FileSnipp is multiplatform (Adobe AIR), language and IDE independant. It runs in background and waits until you drag file or folder to the left edge of the screen. Instructions with drop area pop out and you can drop the file in.

When dragging folder, you can choose whether you want to register the folder as a project sourcepath or create a new file from template in it.

When dragging file, you apply selected template directly to the file and it gets overwritten.

There are two types of templates: simple template (*.fst) and bundle templates (*.fsb). Simple templates generate single file whereas bundle template generates multiple files.

You can define as many input variables as you want, but what's more important, you can manipulate input variables by built-in procedures or macros you can define by combining built-in procedures.

There are also user-defined global variables that can hold various often repeating values or user preferences, such as user name or coding style line breaks for templates shared in team environments.

You can get it for free here: Downloads